Finding a Solution through your Separation

Finding A Way Through Separation Without going to Court


If parents are divorced or separated there are often many issues which need to be settled One of the most difficult is making arrangements for a child after the separation. If there is a dispute about who the child is to live with or how much time they should spend with each parent then either parent may apply to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order. These orders are designed to directly replace Residence Orders and Contact Orders Child Arrangements Orders were introduced in 2014 in response to concerns that many applications under the old scheme were being made unnecessarily. It was felt that applications were being made for the sake of the formality that they brought to the process, even in instances where there was no actual dispute between the parents. 

The new Child Arrangements Orders deal specifically with two issues: Firstly, who a child is to live with or spend time with; Secondly when a child is to live with or spend time with a person. In this respect, Child Arrangements Orders are remarkably similar to the Residence and Contact Orders which they were brought in to replace.

Family Mediation - The Perfect Starting Point

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Some people find the changes confusing and parents need to seek appropriate legal advice if they are unsure. see our fees. Any situation that may require a Child Arrangements Order is naturally very delicate and stressful for all parties.

It is therefore compulsory, in most instances, for anyone who wants to make an application for a Child Arrangements Order to first go to a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and Just Divorce Mediation Liverpool can help. 


What is in a Child Arrangement Order?

Child Arrangements Orders are a process that has been used to legally place a child’s custody and safety over the wishes of both parents.

Family Mediation is used for this process so that both parents and the court can work together to get the best deal.

It has been found that if parents are not in agreement, the courts will not allow the mediation process to take place.

This is why it is so important that both parents are on the same page when making arrangements for the child’s welfare.

What Parents Need to Know?

They can be hard to come by if the parents and the court are not on the same page.

When the mediation process of a child arrangement is used, the court will be able to see that both parents are willing to work together and come to an agreement.

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Will the Courts Decide?

The court cannot make a decision about custody and visitation based on what the parents want.

They have to look at what is in the best interest of the child.

If the parents do not agree on child arrangements, then the court will end up making the decision that is in the child’s best interest.

Why Have a Child Arrangement In Place?

Child arrangements can be difficult for both parents to agree on, but there are things that can be done to help a couple to come to an agreement.

One thing that can be done is for the parents to meet with Just Divorce Liverpool mediator and have a meeting in order to get some input from each parent on what is going on with the custody and visitation.

There are a lot of ways that a parent can communicate with the court so that they know what is best for the child and they are able to keep their feelings in check.

If both parents agree to go to family mediation, it will give them an opportunity to speak their mind about what is going on with their child.

Child Arrangement Orders is something that everyone wants to have in order to protect the child.

Why Use Mediation?

Family Mediation Liverpool is used in order to help both parents work together so that they can come to an agreement on the child arrangements orders.

The Just Divorce Liverpool Mediator is someone who has experience working with children and can help both parents and the court to come to a solution that is going to be in their child’s best interest.

The parent who wants to work with the mediator is going to want to make sure that their wishes are respected and the other parent understands what is being discussed.

If the parents do not want to use the mediator, the court will end up making the decision.

Why Choose just divorce Mediation Liverpool?
Conflict Resolution

Family Mediation is a collaborative process that encourages open dialogue. A trained mediator facilitates communication between family members, helping them express their concerns and needs, leading to mutually agreeable solutions.

Faster Resolution

Court cases can drag on for months or even years. Mediation typically leads to quicker resolutions, allowing families to move forward with their lives sooner.

Preserves Relationships

Unlike court battles, mediation aims to preserve relationships rather than destroy them. It helps family members find common ground and work together to reach a resolution, which can be especially crucial when children are involved.


Mediation sessions are confidential, providing a safe space for open and honest discussions without fear of public exposure.