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We welcome inquiries from solicitors seeking mediation services for their clients. In addition to offering various forms, such as the CW5 form for accessing ‘Help with Mediation’ and the FM1 form covering pre-court application protocol, we ensure a streamlined process for completing and processing these documents:

Here’s what we guarantee to solicitors referring clients to us:

1. Prompt Acknowledgment: National Family Mediation Services Liverpool promptly acknowledges receipt of your paperwork.

2. Client Contact: Within 48 hours of receiving the form, we contact clients to inquire about their willingness to attend an Information and Assessment meeting. Within 7 days, we endeavour to schedule further appointments.

3. Regular Updates: You’ll receive timely updates regarding whether the clients will attend an information meeting. We keep you informed at every stage of the mediation process.

4. Encouragement for Legal Advice: We encourage clients to seek legal advice at each stage, especially when addressing sensitive issues concerning children, finance, or property.

5. Legal Aid Assistance: If clients meet the eligibility criteria for legal aid, we provide them with form CW5 to access appropriate advice from their solicitor.

6. Legal Binding: Turning agreements into legally binding documents requires further input from solicitors, which we facilitate.

Our service aims to benefit solicitors, referring agencies, and clients alike. Upon request, we can provide additional letters and forms introducing the mediation process. We also offer various mediation and support services, including counselling and advocacy for children. Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive database of solicitors and other legal services.

For further information or to access our extensive range of services, please don’t hesitate to contact Just Divorce Mediation Liverpool directly. Call us on 0161 738 1041

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