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Finding a Solution through your Separation

Advantages of Financial Mediation

Financial Mediation following separation is needed if you have homeownership, savings, pensions to sort out. Just Divorce Mediation Services Liverpool is here to help.

The division of property is a challenging factor whenever a married or unmarried couple is considering divorce or separation. Without emotional support of the involvement of an expert or mediator, this issue might escalate for parties to consider going to court to or indeed lead to prolonged court appearances within the legal system.

This is emotionally overwhelming, costly and time consuming for all parties involved. The highly experienced team at Just Divorce Mediation Liverpool helps people who are going through a divorce to overcome their financial difficulties by financial mediation services. Keep reading for information about your mediation session, more about the great service we offer and our frequently asked questions.

Mediation The Perfect Starting Point

The initial step in financial mediation with your ex partner is called financial disclosure.

The process involves identifying all the assets, mortgages, investments, and all insurance policies. Nothing is to be left out even if it’s pension, income or liabilities when resolving financial issues via mediation.

The collection of financial information is a vital process because it forms the basis for conducting mediation. When we have all this information, we are able to do our review before we can begin the discussions and have the initial assessment at the first meeting

The good thing about the mediation meeting is that everybody is entitled to their opinion, and our accredited family mediators are a neutral party that is there to bring the two parties to a consensus.

How many sessions will we need? The mediation process can take from two to four sessions; and the session can be set up as shuttle mediation if the parties require, allowing the time needed to make a decision as each case depends on the ease or complexity of the situation.  Speak to our team; we offer legal aid options, joint MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting) and can discuss your family mediation cost.

What is Financial Mediation?

Financial Mediation involves a qualified professional family mediator who meets with both parties in an unsupervised, confidential manner to help the parties in reaching an agreeable agreement in an open and honest discussion in a safe space. When it comes to settling a dispute with couples, the majority of divorces are not finalised because the parties are unable to reach an agreement in relation to finances and property. Just Divorce Mediation [Name} is able to work with both parties to find agreement.

Can Financial Mediation help avoid Court ?

Yes, mediation can often help you and your ex partner resolve issues around family financial matters outside of court, saving time, can help save money, and reducing stress. Many conflicts can be effectively resolved through mediation without the need for costly and adversarial court action.  If an agreement cannot be reached through mediation, parties may choose to pursue other dispute methods such as court to seek a resolution

Is Financial Mediation Confidential ?

Yes your financial family mediation session is typically confidential, meaning that discussions and documents shared during mediation are not disclosed to outside parties without the consent of the participants. Confidentiality policies are usually outlined in mediation agreements signed by all parties.

Is Financial Mediation Going to Help Resolve our Issues?

At Just Mediation Liverpool, your accredited family mediator will understand the complexities surrounding financial disputes within divorce and help with your mediation information assessment meeting. Mediation provides a safe environment where both parties at the initial meeting can openly discuss their concerns and work towards mutually beneficial solutions. During the initial assessment meeting, our experienced mediators gather pertinent mediation information to tailor the initial assessment meeting and your sessions to your unique circumstances, including family finances and if there are children involved. Unlike costly family court proceedings, we offer child inclusive mediation family mediation services and cost-effective options to empower individuals with more control over the outcome. 

Through structured mediation sessions, and shuttle mediation where needed should you wish to not be in the same room as your ex partner; we guide divorcing couples through negotiations, helping them reach agreements that circumvent hefty court costs and provide potential solutions. With Just Mediation Liverpool you can trust in a process designed to alleviate tensions and foster constructive dialogue with you and the other party, ultimately paving the way for resolution moving forward and a smoother transition into the next chapter of your lives.  

Why Just Divorce Mediation Liverpool

Your experienced accredited family mediators understand the complexities in your family dispute following a relationship breakdown and are here to guide you through the family mediation process during this difficult time. If both you and your former partner are considering an online mediation service or prefer face-to-face sessions, we offer flexible options to suit your needs. 

Worried about family mediation costs? We can discuss low income options such as the family mediation voucher scheme or legal aid to ensure accessibility for all. From the initial assessment meeting to resolving family disputes, our mediators provide support and expertise every step of the way for you and your former partner to attend mediation, make your own decisions and resolve issues in a fair way. Don’t let financial aspects or disagreements escalate – trust the Just Divorce Liverpool family mediation team to help both of you resolve disputes and family issues effectively and amicably, We offer expert mediation, online appointments , legal aid options and we provide many years of experience. Speak to our highly experienced team of mediators for further mediation information. 

Why Choose just divorce Mediation Liverpool?
Conflict Resolution

The Family Mediation process is collaborative and encourages open dialogue. An accredited mediator facilitates communication between family members, helping them express their concerns and needs, leading to mutually agreeable solutions.

Faster Resolution

Court cases can drag on for months or even years. The mediation process typically leads to quicker resolutions, allowing families to move forward with their lives sooner.

Preserves Relationships

Unlike court battles, mediation aims to preserve relationships rather than destroy them. It helps family members find common ground and work together to reach a resolution, which can be especially crucial when children are involved.


The family mediation process is confidential, providing a safe place for open and honest discussions without fear of public exposure.